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Fall & Winter Organic Grass Liquid Fertilizer, 1 Liter

Fall & Winter Organic Grass Liquid Fertilizer, 1 Liter

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      * Covers up to 1 acre

  • Optimized Winter & Fall Formula: Our special 10-0-20 grass fertilizer for lawn is designed to pamper your lawn when the weather gets chilly, keeping it vibrant and green all year long. A must have addition to one's Sunday lawn care products. Help your lawn from enduring the summer heat with this fertilizer for grass. A lawn food for grass specially crafted to give it all the nourishment it needs during those colder months.
  • Stronger Root Development: Total Biome liquid lawn fertilizer promotes robust root growth with its high Potassium content, enhancing your lawn's resilience against winter stressors and promoting long-term vitality. Winter can be tough on your lawn, but not when you've got Total Biome in your corner. Liquid fertilizer for lawns, gardens, or yard for a greener look once Spring comes. Total Biome doesn't just prepare your grass for the cold; it sets the stage for long-lasting vitality.
  • Hose-End Spray Convenience: This 1-liter liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate with hose-end spray makes lawn care effortless, allowing for easy and precise application without the need for additional equipment. This nifty solution takes the chore out of lawn care. Just attach it to your hose, turn on the water, and you're good to go. The precision of this hose-end spray means you'll hit every nook and cranny of your lawn without breaking a sweat.
  • USDA Certified Organic: Total Biome 10-0-20 Winter & Fall Grass Fertilizer is proudly USDA Certified, guaranteeing the highest standards of organic lawn care. A ratio of high Potassium, zero Phosphorus, and nitrogen fertilizer for lawns, formulated to keep your lawn thriving during the colder seasons. Our 10-0-20 formula is carefully crafted to give your grass exactly what it needs without any of the stuff it doesn't. Go organic with Total Biome and watch your lawn thrive.

*Only 1-liter comes with spray attachment, you will need to buy empty spray attachment from our site for larger sizes.

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