Total Biome FAQ's

1. What is Total Biome?

  • Total Biome is a leading provider of plant food and fertilizers designed to enhance soil health and promote optimal plant growth.

2. Are Total Biome products organic?

  • Yes, our products are formulated using organic and natural ingredients to support sustainable and eco-friendly plant care.

3. How do I use Total Biome plant food?

  • Follow the recommended application rates on the product packaging or our website. Generally, mix the specified amount with water and apply to the soil around your plants.

4. Can Total Biome products be used for all types of plants?

  • Yes, Total Biome products are suitable for a wide range of plants, including flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees.

5. Are Total Biome fertilizers safe for pets and the environment?

  • Our products are crafted with environmental responsibility in mind and are safe when used according to the instructions. However, it's advisable to keep pets away during application.

6. What makes Total Biome different from other plant care brands?

  • Total Biome products are formulated with a focus on promoting soil health, fostering beneficial microbial activity, and providing comprehensive plant nutrition.

7. Do Total Biome fertilizers contain harmful chemicals?

  • No, our products are free from harmful synthetic chemicals. We prioritize natural and organic ingredients to support plant and soil well-being.

8. Can Total Biome products be used in both indoor and outdoor gardening?

  • Yes, our plant food and fertilizers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants, offering versatility for various gardening environments.

9. Is Total Biome committed to sustainability?

  • Absolutely. Total Biome is dedicated to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, from product formulation to packaging.

10. How often should I apply Total Biome plant food?

  • Application frequency varies by product and plant type. Refer to the specific product instructions for recommended usage intervals.

11. Can I use Total Biome plant food for edible crops?

  • Yes, our plant food is safe for use on edible crops. Follow the recommended application rates for best results.