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100% Organic Plant Disease Control Fertilizer

100% Organic Plant Disease Control Fertilizer

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Combat plant diseases the natural way with Total Biome's 100% Organic Plant Disease Control Plant Food. This innovative formula harnesses the power of organic ingredients to protect your plants from a wide range of diseases while promoting overall health and vitality. Our plant food provides a safe and effective solution for preventing and managing plant diseases without the need for harsh chemicals or synthetic pesticides. With Total Biome's organic plant disease control, you can safeguard your garden and enjoy healthier, disease-resistant plants all season long.

  1. Organic Protection: Total Biome's plant disease control is formulated with 100% organic ingredients, ensuring that your plants receive natural and non-toxic protection against common diseases such as powdery mildew, blight, and leaf spot. Our organic formula is safe for use on all types of plants, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and ornamentals.

  2. Multi-Functional Solution: Our plant disease control product not only prevents the onset of diseases but also helps to manage existing infections. With regular application, it forms a protective barrier on plant surfaces, inhibiting the growth and spread of pathogens while promoting plant immunity and resilience. This multi-functional solution offers comprehensive disease management for your entire garden.

  3. Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Total Biome's plant disease control is free from synthetic chemicals, GMOs, and artificial additives, making it safe for the environment, wildlife, and beneficial insects. Our eco-friendly formula breaks down naturally in the soil without leaving behind harmful residues, ensuring that your garden remains healthy and sustainable for years to come.

  4. USDA Certified: Total Biome's 100% Organic Plant Disease Control Plant Food is proudly USDA certified, guaranteeing its organic integrity and quality. 

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