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100% Organic Grass Heat Defender Fertilizer

100% Organic Grass Heat Defender Fertilizer

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*1 Gallon covers 1 acre

  1. Advanced Heat Protection: Our lawn heat defense fertilizer is formulated with special ingredients designed to shield your lawn from the intense heat of summer, preventing heat stress and keeping your grass healthy and green even in hot climates.

  2. Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: The unique blend of nutrients in our fertilizer not only provides essential nourishment for your lawn but also helps improve nutrient absorption, ensuring that your grass can better withstand the stress caused by high temperatures and sunlight exposure.

  3. Long-Lasting Results: With regular application, our lawn heat defense fertilizer creates a protective barrier that continues to defend your lawn against heat stress throughout the summer season. Enjoy vibrant, resilient grass that stays green and lush despite the sweltering heat.

  4. Lasting Defense: Creates a long-lasting barrier for sustained protection throughout summer.

*Only 1 liter comes with hose end spray attachment. Please purchase an empty hose-end-spray bottle from our site. 

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